How ToClean Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats

How ToClean Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats

Cleaning commercial kitchen floor mats sometimes can be difficult. Kitchen is a place where most of materials can damage or harm the mats like sauce, oil, or some seasoning. So the floor mats are usually covered in cooking grease and food scraps which make it hard to be cleaned. It becomes problem when the floor mats is the place for mold to grow. The cleaning process definitely is tiring and wasting time but it should be done in order to keep the kitchen clean and healthy.

In order to clean commercial kitchen floor mats, you can do it inside or outside. It depends on the regulation that is ordered. First you can blast the water to the mats for getting them good and wet. You can also use mop and water to wet the mats. When the mats are already watered, take degreasing soap and put it into the bucket filled with water. After that, scrub the mats with the degreasing soap and industrial broom. It will also help to clean the food scraps that are trapped in the commercial kitchen floor mats. Flip the maps and scrub again. Wash it with water than you can hang the mats to dry it.

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