Tips For Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Tips For Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Some of people rather do kitchen cabinet refacing than buying a new one because they can simply save their money. Buying a new one perhaps will spend money at least $5000. If we reface the cabinet the cost will be at least just $1000 or maybe even less. But however doing make over can be a difficult task if we do not understand the way it should be worked. So this article will give you a beginner in kitchen cabinet refacing some tips to do your task properly.

First, prepare the tools. Hand tools like paint brushes, rags, sponges, old newspaper and carpenter tools are needed for the work. Second, make sure that your cabinet is empty. It will make your job easier so that you do not need to afraid to spill something in your cabinet. Remove the cabinet doors and shelves. Clean its surface and the screws. Polish the screws so that there is no rust on it. Then you can strip the cabinet’s paint carefully. Make sure to not damage the cabinet. After it’s done, you can start paint the cabinet. Put back the cabinet’s door and the shelves to the place. Now the kitchen cabinet refacing is done.

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